Audit and Reporting Changes

news-media-simplification-feature-graphicAAM is announcing a new initiative to modernize the news media audit and reporting process by offering more intuitive guidance and flexibility resulting in a less time-consuming audit for publishers while still preserving valuable planning data for media planners. The changes—developed with key industry leaders and with full support of the AAM board of directors—simplifies AAM rules, streamlines reports and eliminates extraneous data and requirements. Some of the highlights include:

  • Reinvent the audit by shifting away from a defined audit period to one focused on intermittent testing to provide continued assurance while giving news media staff additional flexibility and time savings.
  • Prioritizing U.S. news media ZIP code data by continuing to report information quarterly while reducing full data filing to twice a year.
  • Collaborating with clients to submit data and offering data modeling for twice-yearly statements.
  • Streamlining AAM reports by consolidating nonpaid circulation in the U.S. and digital circulation subcategories.
  • Opening access to nonpaid audits by using technology to replace in-field testing, making audits more cost-effective for publishers, and encouraging participation to increase buyer investment opportunities.

In this hub, we share a variety of educational resources to help news media and buyers better understand how these changes are designed to reflect the current news media industry while continuing to foster relationships and business transactions built on trust and transparency.


Frequently Asked Questions

AAM covers what publishers need to know about the new audit and reporting changes. Read more.


Points of View


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Publisher's Statements

These twice-yearly reports are more concise and streamlined.


Changes in Detail

Here we take a closer look at some of the changes


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